Our proud heritage

Motala. 9 May 1927. With six neat signatures in black ink, under an agreement with the above date, Holms Industry was born.

Veckan blev hektisk. Redan nästa dag undertecknades köpekontraktet till fastigheterna Holms Mellangård ”sådana desamma befinnas”.

What the property would be used for is shown in very general terms by incorporation on 21 May, when Holm's Industri AB was formed;

”Bolagets verksamhet skall hava till föremål att idka fabriksrörelse inom järnindustrin.”

Or, in more precise terms, horseshoe manufacturing. It was our gold mine all the way into the 40 century. Much has happened since then and today our idea of front-mounted gear for sweeping and snow removal has become our specialty!

Made in Sweden.

Competition is increasing for the Swedish manufacturing industry and many companies choose to move their production abroad. We decided to keep it in Motala and focus on quality and efficiency to meet the competition. 

That decision is noticeable on our products and we are incredibly proud of that!

The famous Holms principle.

Our Machine 600 was something of a revolution in street cleaning when it was introduced in the autumn of 1967. This type of pick-up Sweeper was brand new. The entire sweeper with a container could be operated with the same ease as the loader standard bucket. But the most revolutionary was the guts with only one frame that carried up two side brushes and a lift. The Holms principle was born, which has become the basis for our current sweeping machine program. 

Historical Events


1927 - Holms was founded

Motala, May 9, 1927. The company was founded. Then with horseshoe manufacturing as a focus. Holms rich horseshoe range included shoes of all sizes and models, such as toe shoes, toe embroidery shoes, wedge back shoes and rivet embroidery shoes.


1937 - Spad sales took off

Från år 1937 saluförde vi spadar och skyfflar till alla tänkbara typer av arbeten. De beskrevs då som ”lätta, styfva, rymliga, väl afvägda starka samt billiga”.


1946 - Collaboration with Volvo begins

The first Volvo order, found in our extensive historical archive, is dated 18/10 1946 and applies to a batch of battery boxes. Ever since then, our relationship as a subcontractor to Volvo has been very good.


1951 - The First Sweeper

The first sweeper was launched. With a front-mounted sweeper for tractors, we took our first steps into the cleaning industry.


1977 - Holms celebrates 50 years!

Holms Industri celebrates its 50th anniversary in the workshop with pomp and circumstance!


1983 - The first V-Snow Plow

The first v-snow plows enter in 1983. A way to make snow removal in our oblong country even smoother.


1991 - ISO 9000

It is important to have the right quality. As a subcontractor to Volvo and Scania and others, the requirements were high. As early as 1991, Holms was certified according to ISO 9000.


1994 - Holms at the Winter Olympics

Holms snow plows do the job in Lillehammer, Norway, when the Winter Olympics start in February 1994.


1997 - Holms 300 is launched

Our most popular wheel loader sweeper. Over the years, i have made some updates, but we have always strived to preserve the unique advantages of the machine that have made it so popular.


2003 - Opens branch in U.S.

Holms Inc (under smeknamnet ”Hinken”) etablerar ett säljbolag i Charlotte, North Carolina 2003.


2015 - Holms Dustbuster

Återigen har Holms ”kluriga gubbar” hittat smartare lösningar – denna gång med fokus på dammfri sopning! Holms Dustbuster tas emot med stort intresse från kunderna.


2017 - New strategy

Let's reded our strategy. Now we have even more focus on revolutionary product development and stylish marketing.


2018 - Holms Brush is released

Our latest addition to the Holms family. With Holms brush you can sweep gravel pitches, snow from bus stops, barns or near traffic without risking stone shoots.

Holms ”Kompis”

The self-propelled sweeper


Holms ”Kompis” var en självgående sopmaskin och samtidigt redskapsbärare. Med löstagbara aggregat byttes redskapen lätt av användaren själv. På barnmark användes sopaggregatet och när snön kom så kopplade man enkelt på diagonalblad och sandspridare.


To keep Swedens rails clean


När de svenska snabbtågen (X2000) togs i bruk i slutet av 80-talet uppstod behov av att rengöra syllen på järnvägen. Med denna ”makadamsopare” har åtskilliga mil av järnvägssyllar blivit sopade.


Sanitation on larger green areas


The "Lövsugen" was designed to solve the collection issue on larger green areas once and for all. Thanks to a large sized suction fan, the properly sized day's work was completed and it was easy to switch on after a mini tractor or a regular tractor. Grass, leaves and other debris were smashed by the fan and compressed into a collecting bag.


Keeps airfields dry and clean


This 7.2 meter wide plow was manufactured on behalf of Örebro Airfield. Nothing you want to face on the road.

Holms in time

We started our story with about ten employees and at most we have been over a hundred. Together we have manufactured eleven million horseshoes, countless shovels and shovels, thousands of plows, dozer blades and sweepers, and lego details of breathtaking quantity. Plus some other stuff. 

We are proud of our history and happy that we get to run the company further.

Let's look to the future!